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1. Where does Better Foundation Fitness train their clients? Better Foundation Fitness trains clients in the comfort of their own home. (Group training can be held in mutually agreed public spaces or in home)

2. What types of services does Better Foundation Fitness offer? Better Foundation Fitness offers a full range of training options: weight loss, strength, endurance, speed, running, natural movements, nutrition, mindset, etc...

3. How does Better Foundation Fitness train people with injuries? Better Foundation Fitness will work with you to uncover the underlying issues causing you pain and work to correct chronic injuries.

4. Who benefits most from working with Better Foundation Fitness? Anyone who is ready for a new approach to reach their health and fitness goals. 


5. When does Better Foundation Fitness hold group classes? Better Foundation Fitness will hold group training slots every Monday at 6am, Wednesday 12pm, and Friday 6am. (Each class can have up to 10 people.) 


6. Why should I work with Better Foundation Fitness?  Whether you are looking for long term solutions to your health & fitness goals, want to see what your body is truly capable of, need authentic accountability, or curious to try something new, Better Foundation Fitness is going to help you build a better you. 

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