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The Full Story: About the BFF Founder

My journey with fitness started as a young teen playing basketball. What did a young, healthy athlete like me know about working out properly? I hit the gym to "get swole" and made that my life after the untimely passing of my eldest brother and sister. The gym shaped me not only physically but mentally, too. It taught me to build instead of break. 

It became clear that I wanted to empower people to be strong both in body and mind. That journey began with friends and family. My friends called me their "made coach" when I helped them train for a Spartan race. However, it was my mother, who had a "desk job" that was suffering from chronic pain in her neck, back, glutes, hips, and knee's that made me realize something obvious! There were "non-active" people who needed support too! Yet, they desprately desired it in a NON traditional way. 

To help my mom (and anyone like her), I started studying everything I could about the makeup of the human body, muscular systems, fascia, bone and joint connection, and functional movement patterns, and an ah-ha moment occurred! I'd been working out inefficiently my entire LIFE! Our bodys can be so much more effective with the right training strategies. 

Then, I tore my Achilles tendon! Not once, but twice, in both feet! (Not at the same time, but a few years apart) My physical therapist had some great techniques that I paired with functional fitness training to focus on my injuries. Utilizing my experience and education, I was able to rehab from TWO partial tears. (Even after my doctor explained that I'd have limits on my range of motion and function!)  

Now, I get to run almost every day. I get to play basketball at least once a week. I get to play with my kids and be there 100% for my wife. BUILDING a better you can start with trauma. It can start with fitness goals. It can start with chronic pain. It can start with injury. Only you get to decide how it ends!  

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