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Want to build a better you?

Our bodies are designed to function efficiently but our daily habits often get in the way of proper exercise technique. BFF identifies major issues that hinder fitness milestones and teaches effective workouts that build the best version of you.

What We Do
"Build A Better You"
Physical Therapy Session

Build A Strong Foundation

We focus on identifying pain points that prohibit you from reaching health and fitness goals and structure tailored workouts to get you back to baseline. Our method relies on a combination of physical therapy techniques, a thorough release of fascia, and routine workouts.

Core Fitness

Build Muscle

From baseline, we concentrate efforts on building the right muscles up. We want to train your body to recruit the right muscles for every workout. That means you become more mindful of your movements and the workouts become exponentially more effective.

Coach and Player

Educate & Empower

The unique program we've developed will empower you to take charge of your body and give you the knowledge necessary to overcome any setbacks, fitness and otherwise! We will build the best version of you.

Meet the
Better Foundation Fitness Founder 

Derrick Woods, Founder & Head Trainer 

My name is Derrick Woods. I have been a Personal Trainer for the past decade. My skills and education come from a combination of working in big gyms like Golds & Lifetime, learning Physical Therapy techniques, and utilizing theories from the books like, Anatomy Trains & Functional Movement Patterns. The main goal with starting BFF is to help people realize that working out looks much different from what social media and big box gyms show you.  I want to give people the opportunity to build a better version of themselves while establishing realistic body standards and setting attainable fitness goals. 


Workout Lesson


Thanks for sending me your questions!

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